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...aaaaaaand we're back

I took the summer off.

For a while there, I suspected it might be a permanent vacation. See, I got a new job last spring, one that started in July, and although I enjoyed blogging at the Teacher-Coach I was hardly a pro at it. Didn't post as often as I wanted to (or felt I should) in particular. And while I think I got better as I went along, I knew my new job would demand even more of my time and I wondered how much I could possibly devote here. I also wondered whether I would/should keep blogging in two separate points of view, or combine them, separate them, or give this one up entirely.

However, I realized that with my new job, and my new point of view, I'm probably going to need this one more than ever - because for the first time in 12 years, I won't be coaching this school year. That was not my choice, but it was one I understood and agreed with (and was probably even a ittle grateful for, to be completely honest). I will always be a coach at heart and in spirit. I will never stop thinking about things from a coach's point of view. And I can't wait for the World Series, the Superbowl (yes, I'm a Philly sports fan), March Madness, and every high school game, middle school game, and biddy game that I get to watch my school kids and my own kids play this year. Every conversation I get to have with their coaches.

I hope you join those conversations with me.

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